​​​Columbus Home and School Association

Parent Teacher Organization of Mansfield Township School District | 200 Mansfield Road East, Columbus, NJ 08022

10" Regular Pies
8" No Sugar Added Pies

A&M Garden Center Holiday Dessert Fundraiser
Orders due by November 18th. Pick-Up: November 26th, 4 - 7pm, MTES

10" Cream Pies
Small Cheesecakes
Apple Cider Donuts, 1/2 Dozen
Small Cheesecakes

Small Variety Cheesecake includes 2 pcs. each plain, chocolate swirl, raspberry swirl, and strawberry swirl.

Large Variety Cheesecake includes 4 pcs. each plain, chocolate chip, and 3 pcs, each raspberry swirl and strawberry swirl.

Mixed Fruit Pie contains apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & rhubarb.

Peachberry Pie contains peaches, blueberries & cherries.

Questions? Contact Janice Sarcomo at janice.sarcomo@gmail.com. 

Large Cheesecakes
10" Crumb Pies
10" Regular Pies